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Multi-functional Gem Surface Pvc Sports Flooring


Sinocourts, a leading manufacturer of indoor and outdoor floorings, has launched its latest product offering – the Gem Surface PVC Sports Flooring. The company's newest flooring solution is designed to meet the technical requirements for the main features of flooring, including friction, shock absorption, and vertical deformation.

1. High quality raw materials

Made from polyvinyl chloride material, the Gem Surface PVC Sports Flooring is a new type of material that is non-toxic, harmless, environmentally friendly, and promotes good health. It is composed of wear-resistant layer, stable layer, foam layer, and bottom layer, providing added durability and comfort to the user.

2. Advantages of Floor Structure

The 1.2mm wear-resistant layer is more anti-skid, wear-resistant and easy to clean. The double-layer foam system provides excellent shock absorption and vertical deformation features, ensuring long-term safety for athletes and users. The stable layer provides added strength to the flooring, making it suitable for high-traffic areas.

3. Introduction to company development

Sinocourts has been a leader in the flooring industry for many years, and the launch of its Gem Surface PVC Sports Flooring further solidifies its position as one of the top manufacturers in theinternational market. By combining high-grade raw materials with the latest technology, the company ensures that its customers receive the best quality products that meet international quality standards and norms.

4. Comprehensive customer service

In addition to providing high-quality products, Sinocourts is committed to providing excellent customer service to its clients. We are available to answer any technical questions and provide guidance to customers on the best flooring solutions for their specific needs."With the launch of our Gem Surface PVC Sports Flooring, we are excited to offer our customers a flooring solution that meets their technical requirements while also promoting health and safety," said a spokesperson for Sinocourts. "At Sinocourts, we are committed to delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, and we are confident that our new flooring solution will exceed our customers' expectations."

In conclusion, the Gem Surface PVC Sports Flooring is an excellent flooring solution that meets the technical requirements for sports flooring while promoting healthy living. Sinocourts' commitment to using the best materials and technology, as well as its dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, make it a leader in the flooring industry.

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