Commercial Vinyl Flooring

What is High Quality commercial vinyl flooring?
Vinyl plank flooring is manufactured in a good, better, and best quality like all other flooring products. The difference in all the grades is primarily found in the thickness of the plank and the depth of the wear layer and whether or not it is waterproof. Let’s consider the waterproof options.

All of the layers are man-made so the product is totally synthetic which makes it eco-friendly because there are no trees destroyed in the manufacturing process. There are four primary layers involved in making luxury vinyl tiles. The bottom is called the backing layer and this takes the place of the vapor barrier that is normally used with laminate flooring. The next layer is called the core or fill layer and if you have purchased a waterproof vinyl plank, this is what makes it water-proof. 

The layer on top of the core is called the film layer and this is basically a photo of whatever surface the vinyl plank is imitating such as wood, stone or metal. The very top is called the wear layer. It is transparent and is the primary surface that provides superior protection. The heavier the wear layer, the longer the floor will maintain its beauty and comfort. 

Many people think that thicker tile is better, and to a certain degree that is true. Luxury vinyl plank flooring will range from 2mm on the lower end to 8mm or more on the higher end. A thicker tile provides a more stable floor and provides a more comfortable walking surface, but the wear layer will determine how durable your floor is and how long it will last. For general commercial applications the ideal wear layer should be 12-28 mils. Some may find a wear layer heavier than 28 mils starts to blur the design film that it is protecting.

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