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  • From its name alone, we can understand that sports flooring is a kind of flooring specifically suitable for sports venues.


  • Indoor Stadium PVC wood color Sports Flooring, workable for multi-sports area, such as indoor stadium/futsal court/basketball court/GYM, workable thickness is 4.5mm to 12mm. standard roll size 1.8m*15m. Features of our Sports Flooring: 1. Surface with super wear resistant treatment, anti-slip. 2. Transparent layer covered,color more durable. 3. The inner layer with non-woven glass fiber bi-direction polyester mesh fabric, structure to ensure the long-term use of the flooring. 4. Non-Calcium additive foaming layer, make sure excellent shock absorption. 5. Bottom layer with special treatment, effectively enhance the adhesion to the ground. 6. Classic oak, maple, teak pattern, imitate real wood surface. Easy to clean, comfortable eyesight for the players and audiences.


  • The material is imported maple floor, with beautiful texture, which can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the human body and eyes, so that adults and children who play here are visually comfortable.


  • When building the ground of children's basketball stadium, environmental protection is the first priority, and green and environmentally friendly ground materials must be used.


  • The basketball court, a flat field of 28 meters by 15 meters, has no facilities except basketball stands at both ends. But with such a simple venue, designers can make the basketball court a creative, artistic place that appeals to trendy, sporty basketball fans.


  • In the basketball court, the sports atmosphere is the key, the ground material as a supporting role, need to have the characteristics of everything, but also to high-level texture and appearance to foil the protagonist, let it shine.