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High Quality Outdoor PP Interlocking Tiles


This kind of outdoor PP interlocking tiles is based on high grade climate resistance PP as raw material. Outdoor PP interlocking tiles can be used at basketball court, Futsal court, Tennis court, Hockey field, Table Tennis court, Gym, Kindergarten, volleyball court, Multi-use and other venues, and a variety of colors to choose from.

Outdoor PP interlocking tiles can withstand temperatures up to 70 ° C. and can not be distorted and deformed in 24 hours. Outdoor PP interlocking tiles tiles can withstand low temperatures of -30 ° C. After 24 hours in low temperature,then immediately do free drop test from 1 meter high to concrete,it can not be fractured and damaged.

The pattern of outdoor PP interlocking tiles is mini-square. Or we can customize the floor pattern according to your requirements.

Here are some of the outstanding features of our product:


2.Have a long using life

3.Easy installation and movement

4.Low maintenance and 10 years warranty

5.Satisfactory Shock absorption

6.Best friction coefficient

7.Best bounce capacity

8.Excellent drainage

9.Anti-aging,anti-ultraviolet radiation

10.Simple requirement for the ground

11.Can be 100% recyclable,do not contain any toxic elements and any smell

12.Safety and environmental friendly

And if customers have any quality problem or or question about the floor,it is our duty to provide you the best service and professional solution.

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